OWL Manifesto

  • We LOVE hand-crafted food. At OWL Market we greatly appreciate food quality – we like it handmade with love and passion. We believe that the main focus should be on the product and quality– what you can taste, smell and feel. We love to offer excellent quality organic delights at an affordable price level.
  • We BELIEVE in the organic way of growing, harvesting and transporting organic food. We do know where our food come from, we are in daily close contact with our local organic farm that we visit and share interesting topics with you on our Blog.

  • No refined sugar added, no quick yeast, no chemicals, no taste enhancers, no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMO, no E-xxx numbers and other cancer-provoking ingredients will be found in our food. 

  • We INSPIRE you at our Culinary Class. Change can be difficult and we are here to help and show you an easy, enjoyable way of keeping your daily cooking healthy and delicious. Your family deserves the absolute best food quality.

  • YOU are the key to our growth and improvement- please tell us what you like and always tell us what you don't like - this will make us better. So if we do not live up to your expectations- simply tell us immediately and we will make you smile again.

  • YOU can be PROUD when choosing organic- this is the best for your family and our planet.

Together we can make an Organic Food Revolution happen here and now!

We cant wait to welcome you to OWL Organic Food&Market in both San Pedro and El Corte Ingles stores.