OWL Family Members Club at the new big OWL in Benamara is a truly place to Eat, Learn, Play and have fun every day and in any weather forecast. We have a spacious indoors and outdoors area to meet friends, make new friends during OWL culinary, art, yoga masterclasses and activities and celebrate your very special days with us at OWL. We created this family friendly area with love and passion for all natural, healthy, sustainable and organic, with passion to create a unique and cozy home space for kids, teens and their families. We call it Organic Disneyland, where all ingredients and materials have been carefully chosen to create an amazing indoor Ocean & Town areas and outdoor area in the green shaded terrace with dynamic space that invites to explore, play, learn and have fun during Yoga and Meditation classes for the whole family, Magician Show, Art Studio, Culinary classes, Creative Studios and more. 

We are delighted to announce a unique opportunity to become a member of OWL Family Members Club. We are now offering a limited number of memberships to families in the Marbella and Sotogrande areas and also for those who visit Costa Del Sol on a regular basis.

If you wish to receive further information about our Memberships please contact Oxana by whats app on 722390517 (english, danish, russian, spanish) or just come by and say hello to OWL Team at OWL in Benamara.


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For reservations and additional info please contact us: