Baby on board – and organic choices!

My name is Louise and I just joined the Organic With Love (OWL) team. This spring my husband and I expect to welcome a baby girl to our little family that already counts our sweet daughter who will be three this year. What a joy – we are all very excited about her arrival.

In the coming weeks I will share some personal thoughts as well as documented knowledge on why organic products make a difference – and why it’s even more important to be aware of what you eat and put on your skin when you’re pregnant.

Bye bye beauty products? No!

During my first pregnancy in 2011/2012, when I still lived in Denmark, I started to become more aware of choosing organic alternatives over conventional ones – simply to limit the amount of harmful chemicals in my body – and my little baby’s. It was simply a matter of taking responsibility of my unborn child and avoiding pesticides/chemicals and products that could have a negative effect on the hormone system or cause allergies.

At first I investigated how many of my beauty products contained perfume, parabens and a lot of artificial ingredients. I wanted to maintain a certain beauty routine during my pregnancy and after, so it wasn’t a goodbye to neither make-up nor creams and lotions. In many cases I found organic alternatives – not least because of the fact that organic cosmetics and ‘pure’ beauty products have become very popular in Denmark and other countries. Maybe you know the brand Urtekram? It’s a company that sells high quality organic soaps, lotions, oils, sunscreen products along with a wide range of organic food products. So you can still find all the beauty products you normally use, just in an organic version.

Looking at labels

It was also in my first pregnancy that I got more focused on eating more fresh and organic foods and less pre-made, industrially produced stuff that contains a lot of E-numbers to preserve the product and make it last longer. I am by no means fanatic and I also buy non-organic foods. I try to make active choices to select pure, fresh and organic products, also because it tastes soooo much better – but it is difficult to live a modern life and avoid allthe things that might harm you and your baby. I believe that little things – such as eating fresh and organic when you can or taking care of what you put on your skin, matter a little, too. Why put in all the artificials when the pure product is just as good – if not even better?

Organic choices just got closer

Organic products in the main Spanish stores and supermarkets are still limited, so pregnant or not – if you live in the Marbella area, I hope you are as happy as I am that it will now become quick and easy to get fresh, locally produced organic foods and premium lifestyle products at Organic With Love!

If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at OWL. We’re here to help you and to share the newest research on organic products, inspire you with great recipes and organic lifestyle tips.

Until next time – take care!

Urtekram organic beauty products
Fresh and organic rye bread
Home-baked organic rye bread with almonds

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