OWL Organic Farm - Food Philosophy

OWL Organic Farm - Food Philosophy


At Organic With Love we believe in going back to ancient traditions when it comes to food. We farm our land organically, as the previous generations used to- simply in harmony with the seasons, our nature and the environment. In our organic farm market, you will find food that has been hand-crafted on our farm in Andalucia, using traditional, time-proved artisan knowledge and experience – no unnecessary chemicals, flavor enhancers, conservants, preservatives , E-xxx-numbers, or GM so commonly found in processed food.

Why Choosing Organic Food?


Fermented Foods ..... KOMBUCHA!

Fermented Foods ..... KOMBUCHA!

Fermented Foods and Healthy Digestion

We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” Never was there a truer statement. Everything we do in life depends upon our digestive system’s ability to derive nutrition from what we consume. Digestion affects nearly every aspect of our functioning. From appetite to the health of our immune system, a functioning digestive system with sufficient serotonin production can mean the difference between feeling well and feeling lousy.

But how does...

Baby on board – and organic choices!

My name is Louise and I just joined the Organic With Love (OWL) team. This spring my husband and I expect to welcome a baby girl to our little family that already counts our sweet daughter who will be three this year. What a joy – we are all very excited about her arrival.

In the coming weeks I will share some personal thoughts as well as documented knowledge on why organic products make a difference – and why it’s even more important to be aware of what you eat and put on your skin when you’re pregnant.

Bye bye...

Pregnancy and organic foods – for your child’s health and development

Every week a family consumes a lot of food – but do you ever consider what is actually in the food that we eat and serve to our children? The perfectly green and shiny apples from the local supermarket that stays perfect for a month, the mouth-watering strawberries in February or what do you put in your shopping basket? Well there’s more to these foods than meets the eye! The fact of the matter is that the conventional foods (non-organic that is) can contain residues from pesticides, chemicals and artificial ingredients that can be harmful to our health and hormone system.


Join the Organic Revolution!

We are working hard on finishing our local on Avenida Salamanca 13,  Nueva Alcantara, 100 m away from the Boulevard in San Pedro. Easy and free parking, family-friendly atmosphere with a bit of a sea view. We will soon announce the exact opening date. By choosing organic we supports local eco farmers and Life on Earth.

Join the OWL Organic Revolution, and believe it or not it starts in your kitchen. The more healthy choices you made during your shopping the more likely you and your family will end up eating the what our grandparents called “food” and not the food-like creations of smart marketing people from the...